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Accommodation for up to 15 guests

Large courtyard with a spectacular  view

Well-equipped kitchen


Two bathrooms

Havayah Center provides rural accommodation suitable for lovers of nature's beautiful scenery, serenity, simplicity and high quality.  There is a spacious studio (an undivided space) used for both activities and overnight accommodation. It contains a well-equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, and a large courtyard that sits above Netofa Valley and the Sea of Galilee.  

Overnight accommodation at the Havayah Center is especially suitable for small groups, as well as couples and singles.  Havayah Center is located in Hararit at the heart of Galilee, within easy driving distance from dozens of hiking sites and various other attractions.

Accommodation's specifications
  • A double bed, a single bed, comfortable mattresses -- all in an undivided space

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Kitchen: refrigerator, stove, oven, toaster oven

  • Air-conditioner

  • Sheets, blankets, pillows

  • Bath towels

Terms and Conditions
  • No TV

  • Smoking is prohibited

  • No barbecue

  • Animals are not allowed on the premises

  • Do not play high volume music

​For details of booking policies and cancellations, click


On the weekend

Price for up to six guests: ---- NIS (Contact us)

Price for any additional guest: 100 NIS

During weekdays

Price for up to six guests: ---- NIS

(Contact us)

Price for any additional guest: 100 NIS

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