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Rural Hospitality

For Lovers of Galilee Landscape, Serenity and Simplicity.

Spacious, Cozy and Well-Equipped Accommodations.

Suitable for Small Groups.

Accommodation Available for Families, Couples and Singles.

Online Studio

Advanced Sound and Video Recording Systems.
Recording and Live  Broadcast Options.
Hybrid Events Combining Live and Online Audiences. 

Events and Workshops

Boutique Performances and Singing Circles.
Workshops and Retreats.
Lectures and Seminars.

Life's Ceremonies.

Content Worlds


Original Music and Sacred Singing.

Movement and Performance.

Jewish Kabbalah and Spirituality.

Life's Ceremonies.

Lecturers and Guest Artists.

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Havayah Center is a multi-purpose space that combines unique content worlds, a place for events and workshops, and rural hospitality.
Hararit's panoramic Galilean landscape, coupled with rural ambience, surround a spacious, pampering and a technologically well-equipped interior, which enables varied yet relaxed activities.

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Welcome to Havayah Center

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Outside: Havayah Center overlooks Netofa Valley and the Sea of Galilee, while a short walk away you can enjoy views of Mount Hermon, The Meron mountain range and the mediterranean Sea.

The center has a large tri-level courtyard with a wooden deck, seating areas, a vegetable garden, a chicken coop and a fledgeling fruit tree orchard, surrounded by a wooded area.

Havayah Center is located in Beautiful Hararit, which, in turn, is located at the heart of the Galilee, within driving distance from many tourism sites and hiking trails.

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Inside: Havayah Center is a spacious, cozy and versatile studio, suitable for holding workshops, performances, seminars and retreats, as well as accommodating overnight groups' lodging.
It can be arranged in a low seating configuration on carpets, mattresses and pillows or in a high seating configuration with chairs; the place is also suitable for movement  workshops.
The on-site technical equipment includes sound, lighting, projection, recording, broadcast and Wi-Fi.
Overnight lodging accommodation is possible on a double bed, a single bed and mattresses. In addition, a fully equipped and well-designed kitchen and two bathrooms are available on the premises.

Havayah Center - Facilities

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Varied content based activities available 

Vast outdoor areas and a variety of hiking trails

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A multimedia setup for performances, recordings and online broadcasting

Complete kitchen facilities for food preparation

Accommodation options for groups of up to 15 guests

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Type of activity requested
Type of activity requested
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