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About Us


Havayah Center is the fulfillment of a vision, a dream and of an inner voice that called us: Be a center!

As in the well-known Hassidic tale, after years of wandering around the world we realized that a great treasure is found right here at home, on the property we live on, facing the exciting Galilee landscape in front of which we wake up every morning in beautiful Hararit.


להשלמת התמונה, ראינו לנגד עינינו גם אנשים ונשים שמגיעים למרחב שיצרנו לא רק על מנת ליצור ולעבוד אלא גם כדי לנוח ולנפוש, ולהתמלא באנרגיה והשראה מאוויר הפסגות הגלילי שסביבנו.


מכיוון שנוצר הכלי, הוא מאפשר גם למנחי תוכן וליוצרים אחרים להגיע למרכז הויה, לקבל השראה מהנוף ולהשתמש במרחב ובטכנולוגיה הקיימים עבור עולמות התוכן והיצירה שלהם/ן.


ברוח התקופה, חשנו צורך ליצור מרחב בו ניתן להיפגש באופן פיזי וגם וגם באופן המקוון. לכן, בחרנו להשקיע הן ביצירת מרחב פיזי נעים ומזמין, והן בטכנולוגיה המאפשרת הקלטה ושידור תכנים לרחבי העולם.


In the spirit of the times, we felt the need to create a space where we could meet others both physically and online. Therefore, we chose to invest in creating a pleasant and inviting physical space, as well as in technology that enables the recording and transmission of contents around the globe.


Since the facility was created, it has allowed content facilitators and other producers to reach Havayah Center, be inspired by the landscape and utilize the existing space and technology for their content and creative worlds.


To make the picture complete, we also saw before our eyes men and women coming to the space we have formed not only to create and work but also to rest and relax, and be charged with energy and inspiration by the majestic Galilee's mountain air you'd find there.


We, Feliza Bascara-Zohar and Or Zohar, a married couple and the parents of four amazing children, live in Hararit.

We are spiritually oriented, we are creative doers, artists and entrepreneurs, who fulfill our vision and dreams, rooted here in the land of Galilee.


Or Zohar is a musician, founder of Midreshet Hibura for Kabbalah and Jewish Spirituality Studies, a doctoral student in Kabbalah research at Tel Aviv University, a certified reform rabbi who serves in the Misgav Regional Council, as a regional reform rabbi and is the co-general manager of the Galilee Spiritual Association.


Fleiza Bascara-Zohar, is a multidisciplinary artist in the fields of music, movement and performance.


She has a graduate degree in arts therapy.  She provides treatments using voice and movement.


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